Thanks God

Thanks God !!

I must say this many times as my website can be up and running again after I “lost” my own domain for about a couple of months.┬áThis domain was expired on July 30th, 2013. And during those 60 days, it’s still connected to the previous web hosting company I used.

Yes, I decided to move my website from my previous web hosting company to this current web hosting company. The main reason is that the previous web hosting company’s owner looks like abandoned his ship. No contact number to call, no email to keep in touch and off course… slow respond.

The second reas0n is… hell yes… the price !!


In the previous web hosting company I have to pay $15 /year for the domain and $4.95 /month for a 50 MB space. What can you do with such a space nowadays ? Only static website needs that number of space. Blog website needs more space for words and pictures. On my current web hosting company I only have to $1.99 /month for two years usage and I got free domain for two years. The great thing is… I get unlimited space. Yes… UNLIMITED space !!

Wonderful isn’t it ?

Unlimited space